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In addition to my mandalas, I offer design and video services through my company, Wanderlust Productions.

Design has always been a part of my life, whether I realized it or not. I remember making photocopied yearbooks for my fifth grade class, using photos I took throughout the year at various activities and on the playground. I made club newsletters using rub-off letters for headlines and meticulously outlining the text placement in pencil before inserting the “master” into my typewriter.

And I think back nostalgically when as editor of my high school yearbook, I had to physically use a crop tool with red wax pencil and graph paper for layouts. I never really thought of those experiences as being design-oriented, but they were. And as technology has evolved, so have my design skills.

The crop tool still exists, but now I use it on the computer. And I would call myself self-taught, but with the availability of online tools and forums, as well as continuing education courses, that really isn’t the case. It is amazing the number of resources readily on hand to aid in learning, which is extremely helpful as technology rapidly evolves.

What is most important to know, however, is that I have a keen eye for detail, am easy to work with, and can listen to and understand your requirements. So from branding and marketing materials to videos and photography, I can creatively help you elevate your communication needs.

For me it is a state of mind…a lifestyle…something that is a necessary part of my life…it’s a love of travel. For me, traveling is one of the best ways to truly feel alive and appreciate the world that we live in. Travel inspires my life and my creativity.

I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and six continents and every adventure has become an integral part of my life. Having picked up a backpack for the first time in college, I was inspired to then take a “gap half-year” after graduation, a concept common in other cultures. That experience inspired me to incorporate traveling career-breaks throughout my career, including three months in Nepal & SE Asia in 2001, a summer volunteering in Peru in 2006, and another three months in Oceania & SE Asia in 2007.

Those experiences led me to co-found Meet, Plan, Go!, a website that offers travel advice and inspiration to Americans planning a career break, where I served as editorial and creative director.